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After-sale service

一、Service culture

Service tenet: the whole course of all-weather professional services
Service purpose: to improve the user satisfaction
Service ways: manufacturers one-stop service
Service concept: customer centered, put one's heart and soul into customer service


In the service process, we will first through the telephone service, in can not help users when troubleshooting, our service engineer will be to provide on-site technical support and services required, diagnosis and troubleshooting.

三、Service quality assurance measures

On the quality of commitment to provide products, meet the national standards, industry standards, and international standards, strict implementation of the technology conditions of contract, to meet user requirements, to supply products supporting member, must bear responsibility for the quality and comprehensive.

四、Service response time

Customer service center received a telephone service, the person responsible for the answer within 1 hours, record, feedback, the first telephone service response.

五、The whole process service

The pre-sale, sale, after sale service of the whole process

六、Professional services

Shanghai Chuanhu Valve Co.,LTD organized a professional service team, unified training, uniform service standards, unified management, unified assessment. Do a professional staff of professional posts, to realize the technology professional services team -- professional consulting, professional installation, maintenance professionals, professional repair.

七、Wholehearted service

Listen to user needs to concern the vital interests of users

八、Service supervision

In order to better customer service, customer service center in Shanghai to welcome customers to Sichuan Shanghai customer service personnel to supervise the work of the. Commitment to customer service service description in the range of services, customers in Shanghai repair service engineer service, have any suggestions and comments, please dial service telephone: +86-021-5186 3046, or contact.